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Sustainable building design requires sustainable building material choice and choice for insulation should be no different.

Insulation is a key component for sustainable building design, and it should work effectively while helping keep our country beautiful too. Tasman Insulation believes in sustainability and is committed to reduce any negative impact of manufacturing on the environment.

Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation cal help reduce energy consumption and thereby play its part in reducing carbon emissions while improving health, comfort and well-being for New Zealanders. Pink® Batts® insulation is designed for our unique kiwi climate the kind of unique homes we like to live in. With a proven record of product effectiveness and reliability, we are confident of our product, but this does not stop us from trying to lift our game further in manufacturing efficiency and sustainable practices.

Environmentally-efficient manufacturing

Our Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation is made from over 80% recycled window glass. It is the fact we are extremely proud of. And on top of that, we recently published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our manufacturing facility in Auckland. It is globally recognised, independent assessment of the environmental efficiency of our manufacturing process. The results speak for themselves.

Through continuous improvements made at our manufacturing facility in Auckland, we have shown improvement in plant operational efficiency, consumption of natural gas and binder technology. This eventually resulted in 30% reduction in global warming potential, 50% reduction in acidification potential, 65% reduction in eutrophication and 55 % reduction in photochemical ozone creation potential. A win-win situation.

Environmental and efficiency accreditation by New Zealand bodies


We were the first insulation company to achieve Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation in June 2004 which is New Zealand’s only Type 1 government-owned ecolabelling programme. Pink® Batts® glass wool also aligns with Green Star and is recognised for contributing to the energy and thermal comfort score for the building. As part of Homestar, Pink® Batts® glass wool contributes to points in different categories- ‘Energy, Health and Comfort’ for high R-value products, ‘management’ for responsible contracting and ‘material’ for sustainability.

Improving always: Recycling our bale bags

Recyled bags

We are always looking at different aspects of our business to see if further improvements can be made to reduce impact on the environment, and to increase our already high standards. With this objective in mind, we are planning to begin using recycled plastic bags in our packaging and these recycled bags are made from our own used bale bags. It is in its infancy, but we are excited as we plan to implement at scale in future.

This means when you choose Pink® Batts® you can be assured that you have made a sustainable building choice.


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