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There are several questions to consider before making an insulation decision


The needs of the property owner?

Insulation product needs- Insulation segments, roof and wall underlays, insulation blankets, floor etc
New build or retrofit? Your insulation options will be different.
Areas in the home that need insulation. 

The insulation R-value?

Different R-value requirements for different regions.
Does the insulation provide premium R-value levels or just the minimum required? 

Insulation installation service

  • Is there an installation service aligned with the insulation?
  • What are the guarantees of that service? 
  • What is the installers flexibility around your schedule?

Sustainability of the company and insulation

  • How much recycled content does the insulation have?
  • Does the company have experience in the New Zealand market?

Insulation product safety

  • Fire safe – is the insulation non-combustible? 
  • Safe to use – is the insulation proven to be safe to use?

Assurance of the insulation products

  • Does the insulation have an independent confirmation of its quality and lifespan (e.g. BRANZ appraisal)?
  • Is it made by a reputable company with a long track record of manufacturing insulation? 


Have questions about insulation?