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Find out more about our almost 60 year history of manufacturing and selling Pink® Batts® insulation.

Who are we?

Tasman Insulation New Zealand Limited, the country’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of insulation products- a Fletcher Building Company. 


Our Vision

To be New Zealanders’ first choice for keeping their homes and workplaces warm, dry, healthy and quiet while minimising the impact to the environment.

We pride ourselves on keeping your home warm and dry with our range of insulation products including our Pink® Batts® insulation, our Sisalation® and DuPont™ Tyvek® building underlays and our PinkFit® installer service. 

The Story of New Zealand's Favourite Insulation

Made in New Zealand... that’s our strength

Take it from me, Pink® Batts® insulation is purpose-built for our famous (some might say fickle) local conditions. We have been around in New Zealand for over 50 years and you can be pretty sure we’ve learned a thing or two about the best way to keep a Kiwi home warm, dry, happy and healthy. But since 1961, we haven’t stopped looking for new ideas in product design and plant efficiency either. Today’s Pink® Batts® has evolved over the years and is now better than ever thanks to a lot of fresh thinking and new technology.




At Pink® Batts®, our goal is to care for this home too.

We’re a Kiwi company with a passion for Aotearoa. After all, we live here too and want to do our bit to ensure future generations can enjoy all that’s great about New Zealand, always. That’s why we’re constantly looking at our plant and processes to see if further improvements can be made to reduce impact on the environment and to increase our already high safety standards.

We are tickled pink to hold an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our efforts too. That just shows how seriously we take our job of making something that not only works really well, but also performs brilliantly in areas such as water conservation, energy efficiency and of course, using recycled content. One of the things we’re most proud of is that Pink® Batts® insulation is made from over 80% recycled glass.

New Zealand. Always.®

Caring for New Zealand homes since 1961.

Our History

Our History 

1961: Founding
The first factory built in Auckland under the original name ‘New Zealand Fibre Glass Limited’ in association with Owens Corning - the world’s inventor of glass fibre insulation.


1970:  Christchurch location opens
In 1970 we launched our Christchurch location, increasing insulation production and reach across New Zealand. These days distribution and South Island sales are based in Christchurch. 



1973: Pink® Batts® product name trade marked
Combining the Owens Corning "Pink brand", and Batts® owned by Tasman Insulation in New Zealand.  


1998: Renamed Tasman Insulation New Zealand Limited
37 Years after our founding, Tasman Insulation came to be. Separating us from our Australian counterparts and recognising our New Zealand heritage and future.


2003: Joined the Fletcher Building group 
Joined the building products division of Fletcher Building- the New Zealand based building industry company. Fletcher Building’s origins in New Zealand date back to 1909, when the original Fletcher Company built its first house in Dunedin.  


2004: PinkFit® franchise network launched
We launched PinkFit® installers, our franchised installer service. Creating a full service offering - from products to expert installation.


2008: Improved our glass melting technology
Innovated our glass melting technology in our Penrose, Auckland manufacturing plant so that we now use 50% less energy when making Pink® Batts® insulation 


2012: W.E.S.P emissions reducer installed
WESP: A wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) installed on site at our Penrose, Auckland location deals with the emissions from the manufacturing process


2018: New retrofit products launched
In line with rental property insulation standards we launched our latest offering- RTA specific products. Focusing and continuing with our tradition of providing our customers the best and easiest insulation offerings. 


2019: Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) published
We published an Environmental Product Declaration - a robust, science based, independent assessment of the environmental efficiency of our New Zealand manufacturing process and plant for Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation.


2019: Recycled plastic content in packaging           
The very packaging which Pink® Batts® insulation comes in contains recycled material – and the good news is that recycled material is in fact “used” Pink® Batts® plastic bags.


2019: Partnership with DuPont™ Tyvek®                
The Pink® Batts® insulation team is now partnering with DuPont™ to distribute Tyvek® building envelope solutions in New Zealand.The product range include roof underlays, wall underlay and tapes 


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