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Achieving Homestar® points in ‘Sustainable Materials’ with Pink® Batts®

When you specify Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation, you are eligible to claim points under ‘MAT 1 – Sustainable Material’ category for your Homestar house design. The Homestar New Zealand Technical Manual prepared by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) includes MAT-1 Sustainable Materials credit.

Achieving higher thermal performance in skillion roofs

There are a selection of insulation products that can be used with skillion roofs to achieve great thermal performance, all the while maintaining a suitable air gap between the roof underlay and insulation.

Non-combustible glass wool insulation for passive fire systems

Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation passes combustibility tests, making it suitable for use as part of a passive fire system. An insulation product, if chosen correctly, can complement both passive fire and active fire protection to safeguard lives in the event of fire.

LiteClub prevents 9,900 tonnes of CO2 with the help of Pink® Batts®

The LiteClub team insulates cylinders and pipes with Pink® Batts® Hot Water Cylinder Wrap and Climaflex pipe lagging to reduce standing heat loss and improving hot water efficiency. The Pink® Batts® team is proud to have been associated with the LiteClub programme since it began nine years ago.

Glass is not the only recycled content in your Pink® Batts® bale

Now the very packaging which Pink® Batts® insulation comes in contains recycled material – and the good news is that recycled material is in fact “used” Pink® Batts® plastic bags.

Making a sustainable insulation choice for New Zealand

Sustainable building design requires sustainable building material choice and choice for insulation should be no different. Insulation is a key component for sustainable building design, and it should work effectively while helping keep our country beautiful too.

Insulation for energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes

Hamish sought an energy efficient solution for his new eco-friendly home. Pink® Batts® became his choice for insulation.

Pink® Batts® earns Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – what that means for you, and Aotearoa.

Tasman Insulation now holds an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for all Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation segments, blankets and boards. An Environmental Product Declaration is big news for Pink® Batts®, and New Zealand.

Pink® Batts® Insulation: Retrofitting a Skillion Roof using Ultra® R4.0 140mm Wall

Retrofitting a Skillion RoofAlthough retrofitting a skillion roof is not as common as retrofitting a pitched roof, you can retrofit a Skillion roof under these scenarios: - From the outside, when the roof cladding is going to be changed; or - From the inside if the rafters are exposed.


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