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Insulation health and comfort benefits

Insulate for your health and comfort

Living in a cold, damp home is bad for your health.*

The World Health Organisation recommends that indoor temperatures should be at least 18°C for healthy living and at least 22°C in homes with young children. Research shows that people living in houses which are colder than 16°C are more likely to suffer respiratory illnesses than those living in warmer homes. 


A warm and healthy home is not just about turning up the heater. Poorly insulated and ventilated houses, together with cold temperatures promote:

  • mould
  • mildew
  • condensation
  • dampness
  • spread of dust mites

These are some of the key triggers of allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses.

How does insulation benefit your health and comfort? 

  • Warmer and healthier: Adequate insulation will help retain heat in your home in the winter, helping to keep you safely in the healthy *WHO recommended, 18-24oC range.
  • Reduce stuffy heat: Adequate insulation will help keep the living environment cooler and will help you to get a better nights sleep.
  • Acoustic Insulation: Our Pink® Batts® Silencer® range reduces noise transmission through walls, minimising disruptions between rooms.  
  • Cold feet: Warmer floors for warmer feet. Pink®Batts®SnugFloor® insulation (where access is available) helps prevent heat escaping through gaps and your floor will feel warmer.
  • Moisture problems: Moistop® ground vapour barrier products help prevent ground moisture from evaporating into the sub floor spaces. This will help make your home both warmer and drier, helping to reduce the growth of mould and mildew.


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