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Pink® Batts® Installation Clearances

Floor clearances

Follow the clearances specified by the manufacturer; if they are not known then

  • Surface Mounted Luminaire - Minimum clearance 200mm; however it does not apply if the insulation is permanently shielded.
  • Controlgear - Minimum clearance of 50mm from the insulation to the controlgear.
  • Built in appliance - Minimum 50mm.
  • Enclosures containing electrical equipment - Minimum 50mm.
  • Metal chimney and flues - Minimum 50mm.
  • Brick chimney - Minimum 50mm.
  • Plumbing - Approximately 100mm around all plumbing penetrations through the floor.


Ceiling clearances: 

  • Unmarked recessed luminaires -100mm; Insulation is to be seated in position
  • CA rated luminaire - Nil ; No minimum clearance is required however do not install insulation over the top of the luminaire
  • IC rated luminaire - Nil ; No minimum clearance is required and insulation can be installed over the top of the downlight. 
  • Independent controlgear - 50mm, or on top of the insulation ; Place controlgear on top of the insulation where practicable. It must not sink; otherwise leave 50mm - Do not cover.
  • Unducted fans - 200mm ; From outer edge of extractor fan to ALL other insulation including existing insulation
  • Metal chimneys & flues - 75mm;  From outer edge of metal chimney flue to ALL other insulation including existing insulation


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