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Insulating the home you are building

Considerations and planning for new build homes. Building a new home is exciting and allows you the freedom to decide what you want and what is important to you. 


Site orientation: Position your house to take advantage of the sun as a natural heat source. Find out more from Smarter Homes design orientation. 

Design: Design your house to make the most of the heat provided by the low winter sun.  Shade windows from direct sunlight in summer to avoid excessive heat gain. Find out more from Smarter Homes passive cooling. 

Lifestyle: your lifestyle will affect your home and insulation needs. Think about how much time you will be spending at home? What are your household members' needs? - for example, it is recommended that homes with young children living in them have an minimum temperature of 22ºC.


R-values: When building a new home, you need to specify the level of insulation at the planning stage. As a general rule, try and install insulation with the highest R-values possible. 

Invest initially: It will always be more difficult and expensive to increase insulation later, so it pays to put in as much as you can afford the first time. A small extra cost at the beginning will lead to savings over the long term. You will enjoy much greater comfort and energy efficiency.

Insulation types: The design and construction of your home will also affect the specific types of insulation you can use, and where the insulation can be placed.

Expert advice: Your builder or architect will advise you on your homes requirements. 
Skillion roof: Design skillion roofs to add sufficient insulation. 


Acoustic: Consider insulating all internal walls with acoustic insulation for greater privacy.

Additions: By insulating the garage you leave it open to becoming a games room or office in the future.



Warmth and energy: Insulating your home is the single most effective measure you can take to keep your home warm and preserve energy. 

Illness: Insulation will help protect your family’s health. Damp and moist conditions may contribute to asthma, bronchitis and other illnesses.

Quality of life: Insulation will help to increase the quality of life inside your home by protecting your home against the heat, cold and damp. 

What are the benefits of Pink® Batts® insulation? 


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