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Since 1 July 2019 ceiling and underfloor insulation has been compulsory for all rental homes.


Healthy Homes Standards – Insulation and ground moisture barrier.

The new Healthy Homes Standards (HHS) for insulation extends the current insulation requirements and may mean a top up or replacement of existing insulation if it is not in a reasonable condition. A ground moisture barrier is also mandatory if it can be installed.


1 July 2019 onwards: All new or renewed tenancy agreement must include a signed statement that the landlord will comply with the Healthy Homes Standards https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/assets/Forms-templates/residential-tenancy-agreement.pdf

1 Dec 2020 (extended from 1 July 2020) onwards: All new or renewed tenancy agreements must include specific and prescribed information about how the landlord complies or intends to comply with Healthy Homes Standards

1 July 2021 onwards: All private rentals need to comply within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancies after 1 July 2021

1 July 2024 onwards: All tenancies must meet the Healthy Homes Standard

PinkFit® team can help assess your property to determine if it meets the new insulation standards under HHS. Book your assessment here.

Installing new insulation- what are the insulation levels changing to
 ‘R’ stands for resistance- how well insulation resists heat flow. A rental property must have ceiling and underfloor insulation that meets R-value requirements except where an exemption applies. R-value requirements are different depending on which climate zone the rental property is located in.

Your PinkFit® insulation installer can discuss the requirements depending on your location and building type. 

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What has changed – increased insulation requirements for existing insulation in ceilings and underfloor
The HHS increases the minimum requirements for existing insulation. This means that some homes that did not require new insulation under the 2016 standards may now require a ceiling insulation upgrade or new underfloor insulation.


Existing ceiling insulation must be at least 120mm thick in all areas, except for where safety clearances are required. It needs to be in reasonable condition. If a home has less than 120mm of ceiling insulation, then this must be topped up to meet the minimum R-value requirements in the table above.


  • Existing insulation should have minimum R-value of 1.3 and must be in reasonable condition. R-value can be determined by using existing records or through assessment by an insulation professional. Book assessment here.
  • Domestic living spaces with suspended floors must have underfloor insulation
  • Foil needs to be replaced with new underfloor insulation (not foil) where foil is not in reasonable condition or it does not meet the criteria for exemption (the home owner needs to provide a copy of a compliance document for exemption). Want to read more? Check the Tenancy Service website or download the HHS Insulation Guide


Mandatory ground moisture barrier for enclosed subfloor cavity

If the subfloor space is enclosed and accessible, it is mandatory to install a ground moisture barrier under the Healthy Homes Standards for moisture ingress and drainage . The other requirements are efficient drainage for removal of surface/ground water and gutters, downpipes and drains for removal of roof water.

The PinkFit® team can help you by quoting for the install of a ground moisture barrier.


What do I need to do to arrange an expert PinkFit® assessment?

  • Fill in the form and our PinkFit® team will contact you to book your insulation assessment
  • A PinkFit® insulation installer will come and check your rental property (it takes around 30 minutes)
  • PinkFit® will then email you your Insulation Assessment Report along with an obligation-free quote if your property needs ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation, insulation remedial work or a ground moisture barrier

If you go ahead, you pay through your preferred building merchant store
Following an installation you'll get a PinkFit® installation guarantee certificate confirming that the installation of your new insulation meets the requirements of NZS 4246 - the installation standard. 


Looking to DIY your insulation?

Our retrofit range of insulation is made to meet these new levels, making the process of upgrading your insulation quick and stress-free. You'll find it in the blue bags. Also check our detailed DIY guide and video.


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