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Pink® Batts® supports NZGBC in their commitment to improving buildings throughout New Zealand.  

NZGBC have created rating tools for:

  • New build homes: HomeStar®
  • National tool for existing homes: HomeFit®
  • New offices and workplaces and communities: Green Star
  • Existing offices and workplaces: Green Star Performance


HomeFit® - is your home fit for living?

What is HomeFit®


Officially launched by the New Zealand Green Building Council in July 2018, HomeFit® is an industry-backed verification scheme, to help people understand how healthy their home is and support them to make the necessary changes.

It is a new, simple and inspection based assessment. The rating covers a range of topics that are essential for a home to be live-able. It provides a pass or fail on the most important areas identified by sector experts, ensuring standards are met for:


  • Insulation levels
  • Heating
  • Energy efficient heating and safe water heating
  • Ventilation and moisture build-up
  • Smoke control


Why HomeFit® ?

Over 40% of New Zealand homes are damp and mouldy, and there is strong evidence that this is related to a lack of adequate insulation, ventilation and heating in homes. New Zealand homes aren’t good enough, that’s what makes this new tool so important.

Any home that passes a HomeFit® assessment will also have passed the requirements of recent Government legislation to improve homes, the Residential Tenancies Act. And, once the Healthy Homes Standards are confirmed, the HomeFit® stamp can be used to confirm if a home passes this mandatory level too.



The HomeFit® Check can work in two ways 

1. HomeFit® online check

It can be done by anyone – answer some simple questions about your home before and you'll be provided a tailored report on the home, detailing how warm, safe, efficient and dry it is. And, if it isn’t, how to improve it.

If your online check finds that your insulation needs some help, it will recommend some installers to do some work before you contact a certified HomeFit®assessor for a formal certification. 

2. HomeFit®certification

A professional assessor will provide advice on how to improve the safety and comfort of each home.  After the assessment, the NZGBC provides a certificate which can be used to market the home.

Give the HomeFit® check a try.

What is Homestar®

Homestar® is a comprehensive, independent national rating tool adapted for New Zealand’s specific conditions, that measures the health, warmth and efficiency of New Zealand houses.

A home is rated on a scale from 6 to 10, and is assessed against Seven Categories: 

  • Energy, Health and Comfort (makes up to 50% of the potential Homestar
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Materials
  • Management
  • Site
  • Density and resource efficiency
  • And optional innovation 


There are two stages to gaining a Homestar® Rating

Design – this rating assesses the full and final plans from which the home will be built
Built – this rating occurs after a home is constructed. It certifies that the built home achieves the targeted Homestar rating
What the ratings mean:
A current new home built only to Building Code would achieve 3-4 Homestar® on the scale.

A 6 Homestar® rating or higher provides assurance that a house will be - warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to run - than a typical new house built to building code.

A 10 Homestar® rating means you've built a world leading house.


Pink® Batts® Insulation Homestar® Partner:

Pink® Batts® insulation is a long-time supporter of Homestar®, we support the movement towards creating better, warmer and more energy efficient and comfortable homes. 


Achieving Homestar® points - for Builders and Designers

Pink® Batts® insulation and PinkFit® Installers can help designers to achieve points on the following three categories 

Energy, Health and Comfort (EHC)

To obtain a 6 star rating there is a minimum requirement of 12 points for the credit “EHC-1 Whole House Thermal Comfort”, this credit is part of the EHC category. 
Pink® Batts® insulation offers high R-value products that will help your project to achieve higher R-value elements. 
Materials (MAT)

“MAT 1 – Sustainable Material” rewards the use of third-party certification.  Pink® Batts® insulation products have an Environmental Choice accreditation, a HomeStar® accepted eco label. Pink® Batts® environmental choice products .
Management (MAN)

If the insulation is installed by PinkFit®, our professional installers, then points can be achieved under “MAN 3 – Responsible Contracting”.

Are you a Homeowner, builder or designer and want to understand more - visit the Homestar® website.  Or contact us directly customer@pinkbatts.co.nz 


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