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Tasman Insulation now holds an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for all Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation segments, blankets and boards.

An Environmental Product Declaration is big news for Pink® Batts®, and New Zealand. It’s a globally recognised, independent assessment of the environmental efficiency of our New Zealand manufacturing process – proof we’re up there with the best in the world. It’s also proof that choosing Pink® Batts® glass wool insulation is an important choice for our country in the long term.

So, while many people in our industry talk about eco this and eco that, we’re proud of the fact we can prove our credentials in this important area. Plus, the fact we’re mainly using New Zealand recycled materials in the process is another way we’re looking after our land. A win-win situation.

How we did it:

Through improvements made over the past five years at the Pink® Batts® glass wool manufacturing site in Auckland –

  • We achieved a 30% reduction in global warming potential (climate change contribution) by making improvements in plant efficiency, and lowering our consumption of natural gas.
  • We reduced by 50% the acidification potential, protecting the long term productivity of land and water through improvements in binder technology, and plant operational efficiency.
  • A 65% reduction in eutrophication potential – achieved by improving binder technology and water conservation at the plant.
  • A 55% reduction in photochemical ozone creation potential (low level ozone or smog), again by improving binder technology and operational efficiency at the plant.

And as always, our products contains more than 80% recycled glass, material that might otherwise be destined for landfills.

The end result:
An EPD confirms the reputation of Pink® Batts® insulation as the right environmental choice for the New Zealand building industry, backing up an already proven record for insulation efficiency, safety and reliability.

View the Tasman Insulation EPD 


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