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The LiteClub team insulates cylinders and pipes with Pink® Batts® Hot Water Cylinder Wrap and Climaflex pipe lagging to reduce standing heat loss and improving hot water efficiency.

The Pink® Batts® team is proud to have been associated with the LiteClub programme since it began nine years ago. LiteClub is a grassroot sports programme of Litefoot- an award-winning charitable trust working at the intersection of sports and environment. It is an entirely free service for community sports clubs helping them be more efficient with electricity, water waste and usage of resource to save money and reduce environmental impact.

Maike Poggel, General Manager- LiteClub Programme says, “Having implemented 1,600 clubs nationwide, our LiteClub programme has freed up $9.4 million for community sport and prevented 9,900 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. A significant proportion of this was achieved by wrapping 142 hot water cylinders around the country, lagging 1,500 meters of pipes, and even insulating some clubrooms, all thanks to the partnership with Pink® Batts® insulation from day one!”

Improving efficiency of water heating systems with Pink® Batts®

Electricity is often the main contributor to a club’s overhead cost and insulation can play a vital role reducing that. An efficient water heating system is a must requirement for any community sports club. For any type of hot water storage, standing heat loss contributes significant energy wastage. It is the heat lost through the walls of cylinders, hot pipes etc. Although the modern electric cylinders are better insulated than older models, yet even the modern high-grade cylinders also benefit from extra insulation.

Depending upon the type of water heating system, the LiteClub field team insulates cylinders and pipes with Pink® Batts® Hot Water Cylinder Wrap and Climaflex pipe lagging to reduce standing heat loss and improving hot water efficiency.

Pink® Batts® Hot Water Cylinder Wrap is a foil faced glass wool wrap designed to insulate standard electric hot water cylinders. It is a 60mm thick glass wool blanket faced with a fire-retardant foil and has a thermal performance of R1.3. The Cylinder Wrap provides extra insulation to reduce the standing heating loss from electric hot water cylinders. Reduced standing heat loss means less electricity is required to maintain the water temperature which means less money spent on electricity.

Climaflex pipe insulation, distributed by Pink® Batts®, is extruded polyethylene foam insulation for plumbing pipework and is light, flexible and easy to install.

In addition to insulating, the LiteClub field team also changes accessible light bulbs to LED and provide timers for commercial drinks fridges which can help reduce electricity consumption by up to 50%.

The LiteClub programme is coming to and end with reaching its last milestone in March 2020, but Litefoot is already preparing for their ‘second half’.


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