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Sisalation® Heavy Duty 450 is a fire retardant reflective building foil laminate.


Product Information


Sisalation® Heavy Duty 450 is a fire retardant reflective foil laminate. Recommended for use in commercial and industrial buildings to provide a clean reflective, abrasion resistant interior lining in demanding applications
Suitable for use as a:

  • Vapour barrier in high humidity applications (e.g: indoor pools), where the heavy duty properties help ensure the integrity of the vapour barrier is maintained compared to lower duty foils
  • Self-supporting reflective interior lining for commercial and industrial, roofing and wall applications 
  • High strength product in windy conditions
  • Facing for Building Insulation Blanket (BIB).


Features and Benefits
  • Heavy duty to provide superior edge tear resistance to prevent ripping during installation
  • Self-supporting high strength product that can be installed on spans up to 1200mm without support 
  • Faced on both sides with Albar® to provide scuff resistance and prevent damage to surfaces during construction
  • High density two-way fibreglass reinforcement for greater strength
  • Fire retardant and will not support combustion or the spread of flames
  • Highly reflective to enhance lighting conditions 
  • Low emissivity to limit heat loss 
  • Manufactured with pure aluminium foil to provide an effective barrier against vapour.


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